Welcome to GCS' Remote Support Tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request help?

You can call into our Help Desk (512-249-6080x1), or email us at support@gcsaustin.com.

How fast can I get help?

90% of all requests, whether by phone or email, have a technician response within 30 minutes. If you are experiencing an emergency, let us know and we will prioritize your request for immediate response.

What kind of problems can GCS fix?

GCS can handle any computer problem including spyware/virus, slowness, email, internet, phone, application problem, servers, printers, and more.

Can one person handle our account?

An average GCS client requires technical skills from 3 to 8 different GCS employees. In addition any one technician or engineer may be busy with another client. We utilize a team based approach for all service. If you prefer to deal with one of our employees, feel free to request them!

What do I do if there is an emergency?

Our Help Desk handles dozens of emergencies a week. They assign the appropriate engineer to respond immediately. You may also call either of the contacts below.

What if I'm not happy with the service I receive?

GCS completes more than 15,000 service tickets per year. If at any time you are not satisfied, please let JP McInnis, NOC Manager, or Daryl Gleinser, VP of Operations, know immediately.
JP McInnis, NOC Manager
Daryl Gleinser, VP of Operations

Who knows our setup?

GCS builds all of our networks to industry standard best practices. That produces a very consistent build across all of our clients. Supporting one client is very similar to support our other clients. In addition each client is documented in our support system to provide access to critical system information.